Regional Da’rul-Ifta’-BARMM participated in the Key Leaders’ Meeting

Regional Da’rul-Ifta’-BARMM participated in the Key Leaders’ Meeting


BARMM, 09 DEC 2019 – Alhamdulillāh! Regional Da’rul-Ifta’-BARMM (RDI-BARMM) together with some representatives of BARMM Ministries, participated in the Key Leaders’ Meeting at Bajau Hall, Office of the Chief Minister, BARMM, Cotabato City, conducted by OPAPP together with National Security Council (NSC) and Anti-Terrorism Council (ATC) on localizing the National Action Plan on Preventing and Countering the Violent Extremism in the BARMM. This NAP was presented to us by ATC Director Bolina. Thereafter, we had an open forum during which I, as representative of RDI, together with some participants such as MP Anayatin, MP Dr. Marjanie Macasalong, MP Hadja Bainon Karon Chairperson of RCBW, Atty Sema and others shared our opinions, comments and suggestions. As for me, I thanked the resource person and his companions from OPAPP and NSC, and then I stated that the main factors of VET among others are two, first is the feeling of being oppressed from the basic rights of any human being even if he/she is a rich person, the solution is to realize justice. Second is the belief and ideology of anyone, if this belief or ideology commands him to commit an act of VET. This is our big problem, it is sad to say that this kind of ideology is allegedly attributed to Islam. In fact, Islam is far innocent from this ideology. This ideological error came out from misinterpretation of some verses of the Glorious Qur’an and Hadith of the Prophet (PBUH). The solution is to correct this ideological error in the belief of some through revision and unifying the curriculum of the traditional Madaris inside and outside the BARMM. Also, the curriculum of ALIVE and Integrated/Pilot schools should be updated, edited or revised according to the needs of our children. In addition, the role of Ulama thru RDI-BARMM is vital, they are the one who can explain the true Islamic principles and teachings.


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